Sunday, November 20, 2016


We did a lot today.  Garden.  Give popcorn out to a lot of people.  Oliver had a play date with a boy/Scout who is a year older and has never played at another kid's home, besides his cousins.  His name is Kadem and he did NOT WANT TO LEAVE!  So neat!  We got ready for camping.  We have a big day tomorrow, then we are camping for two nights.

Mommy isn't sure if she'll write the blog before we leave for peace tomorrow.  We'll see.

What do you spy....?

The boys were pretty rough in here....

Growing camping stash.

Almost done.

Crazy heads!

It's pretty awesome they became such
fast friends!  He'll be over a lot more, 
he lives nearby in a condo and his mom
said he needs less screen time and more
outdoor/play time.  We've got a lot of that here!

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