Monday, December 14, 2015

Rest and Pack Show

We had a nice day.  Mommy stayed home to rest and she was able to drop off and pick up Oliver at school.  She loves when she gets to do that!  

Afternoon sky.

Oliver's elf.

His Christmas tree with glass, bbs, and other
stuff Mommy isn't a big fan of...

It was nice seeing his teacher.  She gave Mommy
a nice hug and said Oliver was worried about
Mommy, wrote about her in his journal, and
shared with his whole class what happened.
Mommy is glad he was worried but sort
of wishes he would show more compassion
when she is with him. 

Pack show preparing.  C.J. downloaded the RESPECT
song so they would be ready to show their
spirit with the theme of the month.

Learning from Jill.  She said she was the teacher
without the concussion so she would talk to the boys.
Haha.  (When Mommy laughs the booboos on her
forehead hurt.)

Color Guard.  Oliver held the American flag.

Spirit!  Mommy didn't get good pictures.

Look who came to the pack show!
Santa and the Grinch!

All the boys got to meet Santa and he gave them
a pinewood derby car!




**Mommy lost 6 pictures on her camera here.
More clear ones of Austin and some of Braeden
and his baby brother.  Grrr.**





Sweet pair.

Santa and the Cubmasters.

Merry Christmas!  

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