Monday, December 21, 2015


We had a day full of appointments.  At least we've got them all out of the way.  Now we can enjoy a restful and productive winter break together!  

We also had a little bit of spare time
between a couple of them.

So we played!

While Oliver was in an appointment....
Mommy played catch up with a book she got half
way through and then her crazy semester of
paper writing, research, reading, and listening
to lectures took over her free time.  She eats
up Jennifer Weiner's novels.  

Cute Magic Trick Doctor Pictures.
Mommy visited the Magic Doctor.
He made Mommy feel better about the "advice"
all these different people are giving her about
her face and head.  She is FINE.  So is Oliver after the magic.
(People can be exhausting.)

Mommy had a dentist check-up.  We checked up 
on this little peanut on the floor....

Nicholas!  Mommy used to watch him.  He doesn't
remember Mommy.  None of the daycare kids do.

We had an appointment with the bathtub faucet.
Our neighbor couldn't fix it because he had shoulder
surgery.  So we called Oliver's daddy.  He fixed it.
Kind of for now.  He showed Oliver how to turn it 
on with the screwdriver.....we are just thankful 
we could turn back on our water and don't have
to pay a plumber a million dollars.

Oliver is going to have a lot of appointments 
with his tools this break.  Also a big one 
this weekend, cleaning up his room.

Its been a long day.  We are ready for sleep!

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