Tuesday, December 22, 2015


It was a rainy day.

We went for a run/bike ride at the lake.

It was really quiet and real pretty.

We picked up Adeile at the Boys and Girls Club
for a play date.  It was fun for them!

Not so much Mommy.  Oliver's Daddy and Sergio
came back to fix the faucet.  It still needs on more

Mommy also had to move the Peanut Gallery 
because there are a few roof leaks in the Bernadette room.

(Mommy needs about a 20 sessions.)

We took a break from the never ending issues.

We tried the new family yoga at the
Escondido Y.  We were the only ones.
Oliver had too much energy and Mommy
still gets dizzy when she lays down.  
Maybe, we'll try again next Tuesday.  

Hopefully, tomorrow is more restful.   

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