Sunday, December 27, 2015


We had a really good, long, fun day of learning in Balboa Park and hanging out at home.  We are exhausted.  Mommy's camera is exhausted too and won't download pictures right now.  She'll post our pictures tomorrow instead.  


San Diego.

Oliver loves taking the little tram at Balboa Park.
Mommy would rather walk....

But he gets so excited, like its a roller coaster, that
is totally worth the ride!

We used Oliver's summer reading coupon
for the Natural History Museum.  

New Desert to Coast permanent exhibit.

Neat exhibit.

Oliver thought the name of this valley was cool!

Waiting to see Ms. Frizzle!

We learned about stormwater and drains.  

Bus ride!

Shopping for arrowheads in the gift shop.

Band in the central area of the Park.  

We went to have lunch in a few different countries:

Mommy had tea with Lady Mary and Lady Edith.

Israel.  The Bureka is so yummy!

We spent time in Ireland.  Oliver is working
on his first school report on his ancestors.  He 
chose Ireland as his country to focus on. 

We love listening to the music in the Irish cottage.

We also visited Sweden.

He wants to learn so many instruments right now.
Supposedly his Daddy signed up for guitar lessons.

Oliver also has Scottish ancestors.

He was really enjoying Scotland.  

We had dessert in Germany.

We've also enjoyed being homebodies this break.

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