Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  

Here's your stocking Mommy!  Yay!

Wow!  Santa brought Oliver a foosball table and 
a nutcracker!  The little cart underneath is the antiquey
thing Mommy gave him.  Santa overdid himself
this year and got something big to compliment
the antique rolling cart.  

Proof Santa was at our home.

Ping pong anywhere!

Oliver gave Mommy something...
a milkweed plant for our native garden.  Yay!

Trying to figure out this book...

Two more Wonder chapters we haven't read yet!

The kind of antique Mommy got Oliver.  She didn't
make any changes to it.  It will be nice to put other
games, snacks, extra foosballs, and whatever on the cart!

Look what Mommy got!

Only magic could get this table inside our home.

New ornament for Oliver.

Another new ornament for Oliver!

We got an 8 ball....
(Mommy asked it an important question.)

Santa brought 2 snow globes this year!

We read it like the Christmas Story...fra-gee-lay!

Stocking time!

Mommy's loot!

The fra-gee-lay snowglobe.  Believing in the 
magic of Christmas is so important.  

Oliver got a remote control helicopter too!

We ate a good breakfast too!


Talking to Mattias.  Mattias had to clean and couldn't
come play.  

Christmas with our family:

Oliver could only stay for an hour so he opened
his gifts first.

This little person was trying to get Mommy's
camera, so she took a million pictures of him:

Aunt Ali played a joke on us, she is like an old
lady getting ready to go play slots at a casino, 
check out her sparkly hat!

Lots of fun stuffL

Cousins on the stairs picture:

So difficult taking these pictures!  But so cute!

More fun stuff:

Our pretty wrapped sister gifts from Grammie.

Mommy loves the spelling errors on her races.  

Claire asked if she could use Mommy's camera:

More fin stuff:

Mommy's neat new ornament. 

Cheesy cute caption:  Claire Loflen, reporter for 
the Cousin Times gathers information on the magic
of Santa.  

Mommy is glad she captured this on video forever.
Look at how cute their feet are, listen to the creative
things Rachel says, and what a great listener Claire is when
Rachel speaks.  It is really neat watching these two grow
up together.  

Oliver came back home this evening. We checked 
out the home on Romeria for about the 5th time this 
month!  It is so wonderful!  

Merry Christmas!

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