Monday, December 28, 2015


Today was a fun Monday:

Adventures of Shane:

Ooh, camera!!!

Skinny jeans!

Freedom!  He is usually baby gated out of the kitchen!

So, cute.


We went swimming again, this time with Claire!



Mostly to ourselves!  Claire wore her cute "zucchini."


View from the playground after.

Sipping hot cocoa together after.

Car Ride:

Claire asked for "that story."  She remembers we 
like to play books on tape in the car.  Sweetness!  

She helped with a little shopping.  She is
really good at it!

McDonald's Playground:
She wouldn't come down when it was time to go.

After 2 times of going up there to ask her nicely,
she finally submitted to Oliver and let him carry
her down without a fight.

She was tired but didn't like that she had to go home.
We like playing with her too!


Figuring out that darn roof.

Taking small steps to cleaning out his room.
He cried when he found Mommy threw seed pods
in the trash.  He is a HOARDER!

Tomorrow, we'll go through this junk...we'll
figure it out.

We really like our break from school!

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