Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Parade

We had a wonderful day full of a Christmas parade, parading around town shopping, and parading around home sewing and listening to stories!

Superhero theme!





Lined up to get superhero masks!

The float!

Boys and Girls Club was there.  Thats Chris the
coordinator at Oliver's club.  His staff did 
not show up.  Nice.

Oliver and Grady.

Den 7.

Superhero moms who made the capes and masks!  



Pack 659.

The Grinch was Eric, Den 7's leader!

Here we go!

Putting on a show for the judges.  The superhero
scouts taking down the Grinch!

No gapping.  But the golden retriever club couldn't
keep up with the superheros. 

Gio!  We see her everywhere, she is a special girl.

Yay!  2nd place for the float and best for theme!

Jill and C.J.  

Mommy and tired Oliver. 
(Mommy had better pictures here and playing
at Grape Day but they got deleted because
of Mommy's old apple computer.)

We went to the Children's Museum after the 
park, it was free admission!  Yay!

Mommy taught Jill how to hula hoop!  The
cute family hula hooping together.

He is super into playing drums and guitar right now.
Mommy is going to look into guitar lessons for him.

Dress up!

We walked back to the car.  It was a long way..
the parade route.

Mommy tired these two out!
Noah went home a fell asleep right away.  

Not this kid.  He can keep going and going...we 
went junk shopping!

He thought these were real gold.

Here is our together, antique shopping
picture.  We had fun at the store!

We had a really great day.  We need to parade in our dreams now.  (Sleep tight.)

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