Sunday, December 30, 2012


We had another busy, fun day!  After Oliver visited with Grammie and Grandpa and Mommy breathed at the Y, we were off...........

First a stop at the library.....

We finished listening to Holes by Louis Sachar
faster than we had expected!

Upcoming exhibits at the art gallery!
Mommy loves the local artist show, that is next!

Then a trip to the city....

Mommy loves cities!

And Puppet Shows!

Airplanes are fun too!

Today's Puppet Show!

We saw it with the Cunningham Family!
Sweet Danielle came over to talk to us after the show!

The "Crane Maiden" sounds interesting!  


We traveled to Germany for a bit.

Hanging out in Germany.
(Mommy's coffee, warm and dark.)



Eileen and Mommy traveled to Ireland together.

Danielle came in and tried to help her Mommy 
find their name!  

The kids picked up a stray kid!  

Then Mommy and Eileen visited Poland for a little bit:

Mommy wanted her picture with the Polish
family.  Someone standing next to Eileen said,
"Which one is the Dummy in the picture?"

Mommy thought the man who said it was funny so she asked
him if she could have her picture taken with him.  He had
a wonderful English accent and he said he was 
a professor.  He was really sweet.  

Then we visited Sweden!   Land of Ikea!  It
was clean and beautiful in there!

(A Viking for a friend!)

We visited Czechoslovakia.  Eileen's
maternal heritage! 

Eileen's ancestors make really neat corn husk dolls!

Cold and time to say, "Goodbye!"
We are glad we got to hang out with some friends today!

Oliver and Mommy started to drive home, but we
were lured in by the lizard/dragon mosaic thing!
It started to hail while Oliver was playing there!

We still walked around in the rain though.

Mommy really wants to walk through the botanical
gardens soon!

We always just miss it!

We will come back!

Mommy wants to go to this museum too!

On the way home it was raining so hard we got off the freeway, ate some dinner, and let the rain clear a little before getting back on the road.....

Can you guess where we stopped?


We like In-n-Out.
(Mommy likes her cheeseburger.)

Happy Sunday!

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