Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Festival

Mommy was so happy to see Oliver today when she picked him up at school.  (She hugged him very tight and gave him some kisses.)  We came home for a little bit and then went back to school for a Holiday Festival!

Leading the way!

We headed to the craft area first!

We bought some tickets to do the crafts!
The PTA is very, very good at fundraising.  

Waiting in lines with his tickets...

To use a key to open a treasure chest!


He wanted to make a reindeer!

So we did!

He also went fishing too!

He caught an elf!

We also made that silly warm hat.
And he went Christmas shopping...

He purchased a gift for Rachel!  
Don't tell her you saw it!

We read this book tonight!
The Elf's name is "Oliver."

(Sweet dreams.)

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