Sunday, December 2, 2012


We had a nice Sunday!  Oliver hung out for a little bit at Grammie's and Mommy took a little Y break!  Then were were off for some playtime at home and the movies!  Yippie!!!

Grammie gave Oliver an early Christmas
present!  A Hallmark ornament that
is an old fashioned radio that has
a countdown to Christmas day!

Super fun and super cute!

Always keep the boxes for your Hallmark
ornaments!  It keeps them safe and protected!

We got our movie tickets for free!  Yippers!

Oliver wanted to see "Wreck-It Ralph!"
Even though he already saw it with
his Grandma!  We both enjoyed it!

Movie time!

Oliver on the yellow brick road!

Oz looks like a good movie!
(Mommy would like to see it.)

We loved "Wreck-It Ralph!"  Afterwards, we
went through the back door.  It felt like we
were in a video game tunnel!

We giggled all the way through the tunnel!  We 
would highly recommend the movie!

This movie looks really good too!
The Guardians protect childhood dreams
and memories.  (Mommy really wants 
to see this movie too!)

Trader Joe's Walk.  He fell asleep
as soon as we got home.
(Inner Peace.........)

Happy December!  

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