Saturday, December 29, 2012


We had a busy fun Saturday!  We started off at Grammie and Grandpa's, Oliver got cozy with Grammie while Mommy was off for an early run!  

Then we checked out Mommy's old high school's track....

We were hoping that we could get access
to the field.

We could!  We slipped through.  Lots of others
were playing in there too!

We played pass back with some tennis balls a man
gave us!  Fun!

Oliver was a little bit excited!

This is what Mommy really came for!  She 
wants to do some exercises with the steps!

Oliver loved her idea!

Mommy practiced a few times, but had to stop herself.
Oliver tried it once too!

Then we ran the track!

Oliver thought he wanted to run around
4 times!  Mommy figured that would take
awhile with his pace.

He runs in little spurts!

We will be back soon!  Mommy is glad
we will be able to utilize the track and steps!

Then we were off for the library...

We checked out the biography section to look at
a book about Louis Sachar.  Oliver loves his 
Sideways School Series!

This book caught Mommy's eye!  Mommy
wishes she could be as creative as J.K Rowling!

We got some Louis goodies!

Then we were off for some more swimming...

The pool was a little cold today and we stayed
in a long time!  It was fun...

Because we got to swim with the Cunningham's
for a little bit!

Rain in the pool today!

The sound of rain from inside.

We love the rain but were glad to get in
the warm car after a long swim!

We came home to rest and watch an old baby friend...
And Oliver fell asleep watching the starry/doggy ceiling!

Grammie and Grandpa gave it to Oliver for Christmas!
We love it!


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