Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Oliver came home early this evening and we celebrated Christmas Eve together!

Countdown!  Santa is coming tonight!

We decorated some more cookies for Santa!
And listened to this funny song!
We don't get to fancy with our cookie decorating...
but we sure do have fun!

Then we went to celebrate Christmas Eve with family!

Waylon reminded Mommy of the warm wrapped up kid
in the movie Christmas Story!  Speaking of
Christmas Story....

The Christmas Marathon is on TV!

And Grammie has her  movie memento displayed!

And Grandpa just visited the real Christmas
Story house, museum, and gift shop in Ohio!


He sent us a postcard!  Super neat!

Here are some pictures from his visit:
The house is behind him!  He didn't go in...

Because the wait was really long!

But I think that might be the famous leg lamp!

Nice picture!

What a fun adventure!!!  And a fun movie!
Hallmark has the leg lamp and the house as
an ornament this year!  Mommy just may have
to see if she can get them on Christmas sale!!!

Back to Christmas Eve at Grammie and Grandpa's:

Some of Grammie's Christmas Barbie collection!

Someone sweet.


Silly Cousins!

Sharing a special Santa picture!
Rachel was mad!!!

We thought it was funny!

Grammie's pretty table!

Coca Cola Plates!

Mommy likes to take pictures of Shannon
laughing she has a great laugh!  
Mommy promised her that her face was
a blur in the picture....

And Mommy let Shannon take one
of Mommy laughing.  Not a blur.

Grammie's Grandchild Tree!  It keeps

Rachel took this picture!  Mommy promised not
to post it on the blog, but she couldn't help it!
They look so pretty!  (Mommy did cut out
a scowler though.)  


Tickle Monster Grandpa!

Grammie's Famous Christmas Desert!  
It is really yummy!

Strawberry Jello, Whip Cream, and a Pretzel Mix!

Waylon liked it!

So did Oliver and his bear!
We had a really nice time with family tonight!

By the time we got home, Oliver was fast asleep!
Mommy set out some milk and cookies for Santa,
carrots for the Reindeer, and a strawberry croissant for Rudolph!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

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