Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  We had a wonderful day!

Santa must have been in a hurry!  The milk cup was 
turned over!  

Oliver went straight for his stocking!  

Santa had really pretty animal paper for 
Oliver's presents!  Mommy sanded and
painted the old Captain's Rocking Chair
for Oliver!

And Santa brought Oliver a cushion for it!

Captain Oliver!

Santa brought Oliver another snow globe!

And a collection of Curious George things!

Oliver is going to give something to 
Mommy in her journal!  He said Mommy
isn't allowed to know what it is yet!

Oliver had Mommy go outside to check his forest!

Because Mommy gave him some birdies
and a nest!

Creative Oliver!

We rested and cleaned up a little before
we headed over to Grammie and Grandpas! 

We were greeted at the door by Grammie,
Aunt Jess, and Claire Baby!


Karate Kid Marathon!

A view from above:
passing out the presents!


Oliver loves the nano pet that Uncle Matthew gave him!

Uncle Kelly!

Grammie opening her platter full of 
popcorn from Mommy and Oliver!


Two Cuties checking out Mommy's Chair 
Collection!  Mommy adopted it from the 
Estate Sale she went to a while back,
and Grammie and Grandpa gave it to 
her for Christmas!!!

(Mommy really likes her collection! 
She has an idea for a shelf/display thing.)
She is going to sit on her thought for a bit though.  

Mommy's chair collection was popular!

Uncle Chad and Aunt Jess!!!

Claire slept through most of the present opening!

When she finally woke up, she got
to open her Princess push car!  
Rachel loved it!

Oliver loved his box, rope, and bungee cords
from Grammie and Grandpa!

He went upstairs and put it all to use!

Oliver wasn't so into his gift from Santa.

Oliver is working on making good choices 
with Mommy.  We will keep working on it Santa!

Cuteness!  Mommy took a cute video,
but it won't upload right now.

Our Christmas Picture!
Mommy had to lock her legs around him.

We ate a nice dinner!

On Coca Cola Plates again!

Someone slept through dinner!

And someone took a picture of himself with 
Mommy's camera!

Aunts and a sweet baby!
(Mommy likes the details in this picture...)

Smiling Girls!!!

Wreath Making!

Gingerbread House Time!  Uncle Kelly put the
foundation down!

Can you tell Mommy did the rest of 
the icing?!!?


Trying to capture them all together, its not easy:

Merry Christmas!!!

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