Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fun Day!

We had a busy fun day!

We started the morning at the Jingle Bell Run in Balboa Park with Grammie!  Mommy ran a 5k and Oliver ran a Kid's Run!

Little Elf walking to the shuttle...

Waiting.  Someone wore the wrong shoes for running!


And waiting some more.  Grammie trying to 
wrap Oliver up in his sweater.  He said, "Elves
don't wear Camo!"  The man in the yellow
jacket said, "It's okay to be different."
(Mommy agrees.)

There goes a bus off to the race.  We are still waiting.


Finally!  The three of us crammed our butts
together on the front seat!

The shuttle service was slow, the start line
was in a new place, and they got us to the
start line about 25 minutes late.  We 
waited for about 50 minutes.

So Mommy started her race here but unfortunately
couldn't be timed anymore.  She still ran fast, but
doesn't know her finish time.  

Mommy grabbed Oliver and he helped her make
it to the finish line!!!

While Mommy was racing, Oliver made a cookie 
with Grammie!

Times posted here.  Grammie said Mommy ran it
in about twenty minutes!  Mommy will accept that time!
Mommy's best so far is 21:18.  She is trying to get a second
under 21:00, maybe next race!


We had our jingle bells counted for an attempt
to beat a world record!

Mommy putting on Oliver's race bib!
At the Grape Day run Mommy poked him pretty bad.
He gets a little nervous!

Oliver looking for Mommy's time.  It should
be around there.  The Shuttle bus situation was
out of our control, Mommy had to turn her
thinking around and not get upset.  (She just
loves trying to win!  Oh well!)  

Oliver's Race!!!  Look at his stride!!!

Yahoo!  He was a great racer!  He ran the whole 
thing, maybe a 1/2 mile! 

His cheeks got all cute and rosy!
Oliver, the Littlest Elf!


We started to walk back to the car instead
of taking the shuttle bus.  We are happy that
Grammie woke up early and came with us!
Thank you Grammie!!!


On our way home.  A sweet decorated home on
Leucadia Blvd. and the American Flag at half mast.  

Then we were off for the library after a little break!

This remote control shark caught our attention!

We worked on the computer for a bit
and then went to the science presentation!

We took a seat!


We got to see krill!  Whale food!

We learned about Narwhal Whales!

The whale's special tooth and the special

Kids measuring the length of a Blue Whale
and a lot of sea animals along the way!

Oliver at the end of the the Narwhal Kid Whale!

"Blubber Glove"

Oliver got to feel the difference between 
having a blubber glove and his own arm
in a bucket of ice water!  

He preferred the blubber glove!

Leaving the ocean!

We had a baby friend over tonight and we went for a Christmas Light/Milk walk!

Sleepy kids!  Oliver fell asleep before the two
year old!  

(Good night.)

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