Sunday, October 21, 2012

Swim, Reading, Walking

We had a nice together Sunday!  After a visit with Grammie and Grandpa we went swimming and to the library!

Yippie we love the weekend!


Mommy forgot his swimsuit today.  
We stopped at the new Wal-Mart in Encinitas.
We got this suit on clearance for $1.  
Its for a 24mo old!  Oliver liked it!


We are loving this weather!


Turning in his reading form...

He received 2 coupons for In-N-Out!  He can earn one more!
Oliver also got his own library card today!  He needed one now
so that he can use the computer lab!

He loves the reading site that his teacher assigned!

He wanted to read more when we got home! Yippie!


We went on our milk walk tonight and saw 
some weird things:

A new Winery sign.
Here is an update on the Winery near us.
Mommy wonders what will happen to it
when the owners leave.  

A cemetery on 15th Avenue!


Not Weird:

A tired, happy kid with our milk and 
Mommy's Inner Peas.  (She would like
some Inner Peace now.)

Happy Sunday!  

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