Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkins, Swim, and Reading/Listening

We had an awesome Saturday!  Mommy took a ton of pictures!

Weekends make us happy!

We started the morning at Grammie and Grandpa's!
Oliver got his snake all ready for our adventures!

Mommy kind of cheated.  She had Oliver pick some
pumpkins from Sprout's pumpkin patch!  Good deals!


Our treasures.

Then we went to a real pumpkin patch down the street
from Grammie and Grandpa's!  (Mommy has never
been to the Farm Stand on La Costa Avenue.  
Have you?  It's really neat!)

Pumpkin patch!



Pumpkin head!

Getting crazy!

The stand has really neat stuff!

(Mommy kind of wants this witch.  She
is kind of different and neat.)

Our treasures.  Mommy chose the pear, Oliver really
wanted the garlic sourdough bread and we got a
decorative corn for our pumpkin display!

Swim pictures!  Mommy likes to take
the pictures, she can't help it!

We really liked the weather!

Reading and Listening 

We went to the library and we checked out the Teen
Skate Open Studios!

We each got a mini skateboard!

And we listened to a teen band in the
auditorium!  Oliver loved it!  It was loud 
and fun!  Oliver really liked the drums!  
A girl was drumming!

Picking out his movie for the week!

Reading stories in the computer lab!

Driving Home

On our way home we checked out the area where the 
old houses near the chicken farm used to sit.  
Its like nothing was ever there.  Sad.

We had a nice evening at home.  

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