Sunday, October 7, 2012


Oliver and Mommy had a nice together Sunday.  After we visited at Grammie's we were off for a swim and the library!  We love weekends!

Happy Sunday!

Always running.

Getting our bracelets from sweet Jessica.

Waiting for Mommy.


Mommy enjoying the purple flowers!

Library!  But first we had to stop at the
Art Gallery!  A new exhibit!

What do you spy?
(Mommy has a friend who will really like this exhibit!)

Skateboard Art!

A morbid interpretation of The Giving Tree by 
Shel Silverstein.  


More meows.  

The Library will have the art open studies for this 
exhibit!  That is where you get to learn more about
the artwork and then create your own piece!
(There is an open studio for teenagers on the 20th! 
More information on the card above!)

A little computer-rest time!

Curious Oliver! 

Oliver put his clock on the wall in the family room.
He wants to learn a little more about telling time.

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