Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Swim

Oliver had a good day at school!  Mommy is so glad he enjoys school!  We played at home for awhile and then went swimming for a bit at the Y!  We liked seeing the full moon tonight and driving into the misty fog by Grammie's house!  Oliver had a lot of questions about fog!  

Headed to the Y!
Picture without the flash!

Picture with the flash!  Mommy likes this one!

It was nice a warm tonight in the pool!

Raccoon eye!  There was a family of raccoons 
in our yard when we got home!  Oliver woke up
for a second and got to see them! The one in the
tree kept peeking at Mommy while she was
unloading the car!  She can hear them now
in the backyard!  

Fog, full moon, a peaceful swim and raccoons!  Busy night!
(Mommy is too tired to think!)

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