Saturday, October 27, 2012


We started our morning at Grammies!  We had a fun Saturday!  Mommy took a ton of pictures, of course:


Donating some canned food for the
food drive.  (Learning and building
character together.)

Oliver was being silly and wearing his 
pants really high.  He was making a 
few people laugh!

It was very quiet in the pool today!  
Thank goodness!


Picking out a movie for the week. 
Curious George!

Happy working on his reading program!

Light the Night Against Crime Race

Getting ready for a race in Balboa Park.  It was sponsored
by Crimestoppers.  Oliver is already going to be a 
Fish and Game Warden for Halloween so he fit
in perfectly tonight!

He gets real serious when he is in his costume.

So serious, we couldn't get him to pose for a picture!

Then he handcuffed Mommy!  Good
thing they come off easily!

Walking to the race!

Pretty sky tonight!

Start Line.

Oliver waiting to run a little race!

Getting into position!  

Almost ready to run!  Grammie came with us tonight!
She is in the background holding Oliver's pumpkin!
We had fun with her!

There goes Oliver!

He dropped his handcuffs and got a little tired.

But he pushed himself!

And he got a cool little medal!

He also played on a steep hill like a 
crazy boy while we were waiting for 
Mommy's race to start!

He and Grammie went and learned things at all the
booths and got some candy while Mommy raced.  
They also ate ice cream!

Lots of neat things to see tonight!

Mommy loved seeing Grammie and Oliver
at the finish line!

Grammie was even able to get a picture
of Mommy running in!  It takes Mommy 
a little while to stop!

After the race...

Waiting in line...

for rock climbing!  He didn't make it up
to far, but he tried!

Waiting for a balloon animal!

He asked for a snake!  
(Mommy likes it.)

Oliver also got to pet a pig tonight!

Awards!  Mommy placed 2nd Female Overall!
Yippie!  Oliver went with Mommy to get her medal!

5K, 21:18, 6min 51sec miles!  
Mommy loves to run!

Trying to get chosen for an informal Halloween
costume contest.  He didn't get chosen, but he liked
watching the characters for a second!

Mommy's favorite was the Flintstone family!  Wilma
is somewhere in the background!  Cutest idea ever!

Our medals!

Happy Saturday!  

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