Sunday, October 28, 2012


Oliver and Mommy started the morning again at Grammie's house!  Mommy took a ton of pictures today, she just can't help it!

Mommy arriving from her Y break:
Lots of animals everywhere!  But her
snake made her laugh!
(She likes when it makes her laugh.)

It bit Mommy yesterday.
(Mommy feels like biting it back!)

Pumpkin Patch Again:

We spied polar bears there the other day, so we
stopped for a visit!

Oliver gets real serious on the tractor.

Sweetness....then he turned into a crazy
kid who decided he didn't want to go home
anymore, but wanted to go swimming.  
He growled like a Polar Bear.  Mommy took
him swimming, but she had been set on going home!
She may have roared like a Polar Bear too.


Once we were there we both felt better.
For some reason the Y always makes
us feel good.

 Estate Sale:

We stopped at an Estate Sale in our neighborhood.
It was the last 1/2 hour of it, so everything was
50 percent off.  Mommy went the other day
and the couple that lived there had a lot of
neat things.

Oliver enjoyed looking around.  It is weird looking 
at everything in someones home, but Mommy
and Oliver found some things that we are
happy to bring into our home.

Mommy thought this was funny!

Mommy got some books!  Grammie talked Mommy
into buying the perfect Christmas tree that they had.
Its bigger than the one we have now, Mommy got
it for only $6.  (Mommy actually needs that tree.)
We have a lot of ornaments!

Mommy for sale.  Sticker price $2, but 1/2 off! 
Good deal?

Mommy thought these pen holders were neat.
She bought them.  Oliver chose some baskets and
other containers.  He likes them for his animals!

Night Walk:

We went for our Sunday night milk walk!
We stopped at Major Market!  He loves
the lobsters!  He also loves wearing 
his Halloween costume!

Happy kid with our milk, Mommy's Inner 
Peas (she is still looking for that Inner Peace!),
and Oliver's fancy crab cheese things he liked
tasting at the sample station!

Halloween decoration!


Our pretty home lit up as we walked up!

Happy Sunday!  

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