Friday, October 19, 2012


Oliver came home at 2:00 today and helped Mommy with the babies!  He was a big big help!  He had fun playing in the backyard too!  Later we were off for a swim at the Y!  We stayed in for a long time even though the water was cold!

Happy Friday!

Waiting for Mommy at the crosswalk.  He wants to
go on his own but Mommy always sees teenagers going
fast and not stopping at the stop sign at night!  It makes
Mommy MAD, Oliver has to wait for Mommy to be safe.

Here we come!

Waiting for our bracelets.  

We checked out the stretch room upstairs because they
did a little remodel.  Oliver got to see the downstairs main
cardio and machine area.  We love the Y!

Quiet tonight!


Cold tonight!

(Goodnight, sweet dreams!)  

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