Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 Oliver has been really into telling time lately.  So since we are trying to make time go real slow this week, Mommy decided to focus our blog today on time.

Oliver put this up in his room.  He says he 
prefers a digital clock thought.

Mommy thinks its time for him to clean his desk.

It was also time for him to fix his digital
Mater clock.  He fixed it, yay!

The radio on him works too!

It was time for us to take a bike ride to
return the movie and do errands.  Can you see 
the panda?

It was time to use our bike lock again.


Time for pumpkin coffee.

Time to see Jacob.  We always see them on
Tuesday evenings, but today we were both 
there early!  Fun!

Time for stocking of the donuts!

Time to happily ride our bikes home.
Mommy got her tires filled with air
at that messy bike shop yesterday
and bought a thing to get them
filled at the tire shop it she needs too.

Time to be happy!  

Time to play the radio.

Country of course!

Time for Downton Abbey and Christmas decorating.

Time to play with friends.

Time ornaments.

Time for Edith and her Editor to start a relationship.

Time to get the mail.  Time for new clothes.

Time to return the bottles!

Time to cash the bottle ticket.

Shhh.  Time for Mommy to spend a 
few dollars to practice her claw skills.
(It's been awhile.  She hasn't felt like it.)


Yay!  Only took a few times!


Time to listen to country.

Time to keep watching Downton and wrap the 
tree in lights!

Time to take a silly picture of Mommy stepping
over boxes and boxes of animal ornaments.

8:30, time to read Oliver our chapter book before bed.
Its nice going to sleep early.  

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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