Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Non-Donut Wednesday

We've been having fun mixing things up a little for Donut Wednesday.  It may be turning into just a kind of breakfast Wednesday, especially on breaks from school and mornings we are running late. 

We ate breakfast at Marie Callenders and picked up our pie!

Serious business at the restaurant.

They didn't need their arrows yet, but we saw a lot
of people coming and going!

(Mommy's coffee.)

Breakfast loaf comes with breakfast.  Mommy
ate a little it was really yum!

Oliver's breakfast.

More of his breakfast.

Mommy couldn't resist.

(Mommy's greens.)

Oliver is playing now with Mattias and Mommy is working on a paper.  Only 4 more to research and write before December 9th.  Then she has a month break from school, she needs it.  Oliver is off with his Daddy at noon.  Mommy will see Oliver tomorrow at 1:00 for a Thankful Thanksgiving dinner.

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