Monday, November 16, 2015

Fun Stuff

We had an evening full of fun stuff!

First, fun math homework.  This wasn't it.
But, its an example.  Oliver is questioning
some of the strategies he needs to use
for math.  Common core math is good 
and bad.  (Mommy is glad she gets to
teach only writing to all the 3rd graders this year.)  
Mommy is also glad Oliver has heated discussions
with Mommy about his math.  It shows he is thinking
about his work and thinking scholarly.  

Scout Pack Show!!  Fun!

Tiger's on stage doing a skit.

Uh-oh.  Den leaders band....

Oliver receiving a belated Scout of the Month award.

MTV Scout Award Concert!

Scouts of the month!

Den Leaders being super silly performing 
Thunder by AC/DC.

Here's the real stuff.  Fun too!

Spirit award!  Our den got it, they are pretty loud!

Sweetness!  Since the blurb has been written on
his certificate, Oliver's popcorn total increased.
Final total: $3,063.00  

Mommy is proud of her scout and loves to see 
him eager to answer questions and participate!

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