Monday, November 23, 2015

Slow Monday

We had a slow day.  We are trying to make this break last as long as we can.  We hung out at home for most of the day listening to stories, writing papers, and tinkering with things.  

We went for an afternoon bike ride to order our Thanksgiving pie and visit a redbox.  

Unfortunately, Mommy had to ride on low tires.

Oliver was a bit pouty for awhile too. 
It is exhausting for Mommy when he does that
because she puts a lot of effort into making sure
he has good opportunities for fun and learning everyday.

Little things like this make Mommy feel better.

Mommy's tires couldn't be filled with air because 
they needed some kind of thingy.  (Sigh.)

Oliver got air in his tires though and he felt better.
Oh well, riding a bike with low tires is good exercise.

We went to Marie Callenders' to pre-order
out Thanksgiving pie.

They must expect some serious pie business.

We decided to pick it up on Wednesday and eat
breakfast there for Donut Wednesday.  Those
are the little things we are looking forward to
this week off of school.

Oliver also picked out a pioneer pancake recipe
from a book we got from the library.  He enjoyed 
his dinner.

He did a good job with his reading today.

And now we are watching Inside Out.

We heard its a great movie.  

Joy and Sadness.  

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