Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Mommy was grateful for time with Oliver this morning and in the evening.

She took this picture in the morning on the way
to Oliver's school.  She can't remember what she
was grateful for.  But she is.  

She was grateful for Oliver's enthusiasm for 
reading tonight.  He read his book on pilgrims that
he wrote, a book about Squanto....

and his play that he will be performing
in tomorrow night! 6:00 at Bernardo
if you want to come! Oliver asked
who will be coming to watch!  He likes
to have fans in the audience!

Little reader.

Math homework while Mommy worked on 
typing out a lesson plan.  She has her first formal
observation for this year tomorrow at 11:00.  
(Please think good thoughts for her, this teaching
job means a lot to her.)

Little writer!  Mommy edited his pilgrim book
for him.  He made the changes and then colored
the pictures for awhile.  

We had a very productive, nice evening together.  

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