Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

We both had a terrific Tuesday!  Oliver woke up in a great mood and was ready to go to school!  

Sleepy eyed happiness.

After school Mommy met up with Oliver at his
classroom.  We had a gift for Mrs. Olmstead, since
this is Mommy's last time seeing her.  

"Every single day, do something that makes
your heart sing."

(Somedays it's laughing and being weird for Mommy.)
Oliver and Mommy got a lot of that in today!

Here is what Oliver gave Mrs. Olmstead.  Since she
is retiring we thought a trophy might be a little cumbersome.
He got her a nice Cross pen instead.  She said she got
the chills when she read the engraving.  She also said
she is going to use it for her Suduko puzzles every morning!


Mommy wanted a picture by the rule posters.  She also
wore her name tag for Oliver.  She is going to strive
to be responsible, scholarly, safe, and respectful this
summer.  Oliver is going to continue to follow the school
rules too!
We both like it!  

Except, he didn't really follow the rules when 
he saw Grady.  Those two play like brothers!

Mountaineer Pride!

We had a great productive day together.  

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