Sunday, June 26, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated a lot of birthdays today!   Rachel, Uncle Matthew, Aunt Ali, and Oliver.  Plus father's day.  We got a special jumpy house with a slide that was VERY popular!

First though, Oliver went to the Y early
and worked out for a little bit with Mommy.
He is getting good at the elliptical!

Let's Celebrate:

Missing her first teeth!

This baby!!

Silly girls!

Brunch Fuel:

Back to Celebrating:

It slowly started coming off.

(Mommy likes to jump and slide.)

The cool kids.

Birthday Twins.  Mommy loves this picture.

Sweet, sweet, sweetness!

It finally all came off!

Totally worth the money!  

Oliver and Mommy stayed until it was picked up.
(We like to have fun.)

Happy Summer Birthdays!!!  

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