Saturday, June 25, 2016


The library had its grand reopening today!  We were there right at 10:00 to hear the speech and attend the fun event!

Walking with our coffee and hot chocolate.

The director and board.  Mommy heard the director, in blue,
speak in a session at the CLA conference in November. 

Of course we did this!

New everything in the auditorium! 


New security gates.

New check-out machines.  Mommy did
a lot of research on these and the company
in the fall semester.

Getting his stash of audio books.

Family open studios!

The desks Mommy sits at are still
being refurbished.  She wonders if
they'll be back in time for Wednesday
night when she plans on getting a lot 
done at the library.  

The Living room.

Lots of study rooms.

New Teen Space.


3D Printer!

Learning about a little computer in the 
Exploration Hub, a computer lab.

This is a really, really, good book.  Read it or listen
to it!

Mommy's stash for the car!


Mommy heard there is a lot of new equipment in this room.

There will be a new cafe inside too.
The Friends of the Library bookstore
is brand new and new the living room.

Getting our prize for competing our

(Mommy's studies can get back to normal
now.) Finally.  

Our art.

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