Monday, June 6, 2016

Last Week

It's Oliver's last week of school!  He is busy, Mommy is busy, Everyone is busy!  We had an afternoon and evening full of errands, chores, and Mommy's coursework.  She started as an intern Librarian today at Mira Costa.  So much to learn!  We are going to have a GREAT summer!

Yay!  Oliver gets out at 12:10 on Thursday!

Mommy LOVES picking up Oliver.  

We got to go in his class for a few minutes because
Mrs. Olmstead had some more things for Mommy.

Oliver keeps piling up fun stuff around
our home.  Mommy has a feeling she isn't
going to be able to keep up to well with
cleaning and organizing.
(Any help would be great!)

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone has a nice, productive week!

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