Monday, June 27, 2016

Rock On

Oliver and his step cousin, Julian attended the NAT Rock On camp today in Balboa Park.  Oliver got to spend some time with his Grandma on the way there and back.  He loves going to the NAT, this is his 3rd summer camp there!  

He met Mommy at the San Elijo Mira Costa campus.

Cute camp shirt this year!  

He checked out the library, he wanted to go past this,
sorry honey....only librarians can go back there!

He met one of the faculty librarians.  She had a lot
of stones on...

Oliver thought it was turquoise but we compared and 
it wasn't close.  Myla's are called malachite.  They
were in her earrings, ring, bracelet, and necklace.
She is a wonderfully eclectic dresser and an amazing
librarian.  Mommy is learning SO MUCH!  (Sometimes
her brain doesn't have a lot of room for other things.)

We also went to sign up for the summer reading program!
Dove Library opened just in time.

New return system.

We get a peak at how the system works now!

Pretty amazing.  Also, very expensive.

Here we come summer reading!

He reported, sipped lemonade, and got all his swag.
He will be working on multiplication and division
this summer too.

Free book!

Mommy is feeling a bit guilty but there is no way she 
can fit in the weekly pick ups and visit to the library
with Team Cousin.  She will pick up with our ritual
next year.

Oliver's choice!

We are aiming for this before we leave for
Indiana on the 13th!  Can we do it!?

We did get Shane his swag and reporting chart.
His is a sweet baby map that he completes at home.

Our day rocked!

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