Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Mommy found out that Oliver's costume arrived at Grammie and Grandpa's before 4:00 pm today, that is when she leaves work.  So, she headed over to their home to pick it up before heading home to pick up Oliver!  Oliver knew this might happen, he sure was ready for a halloween pick-me-up!

Mommy knew she'd get a good pick-me-up
when she got to Grammie and Grandpas!

Still in his pjs!

Look at that side profile!

Just up from her nap!  

Climbing on Aunt Mere to get her camera!  Such a
great pick-me-up!

Ok, babes, Aunt mere has to go!  She needs to 
give Oliver a major pick-me-up!

Waiting for Oliver.

He put the headdress on when we got to
Jimbos to get Mommy's Tuesday 
pick-me-up.  (Wheatgrass.)

He got another pick-me-up at Major Market when 
he saw his friend Jacob!  Oliver was in full 
Native American attire by the time we got there
for Mommy's half-caff pick-me-up.

Mommy found the pick-me-up office note she had 
them send to Oliver today!  She wanted him to
feel excited!  He was!  He ran to Mommy at the Boys 
and Girls Club with a big, big smile on his face!

Friend pick-me-up before homework time!

Homework pick-me-up!  What beats doing your
math and spelling in your halloween costume!
Mommy was trying to finish a paper she is 
going to turn in tonight, a day early.  That
is a definite pick-me-up feeling!
So glad the costume it fits, he loves it, and it came in 
time for him to wear it the Friday parade at school!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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