Saturday, October 3, 2015


Oliver is better.  Mommy is rested.  Our apple computer doesn't want to download pictures.  So sorry.  No cute pictures.  Maybe tomorrow.  (Does it really matter anyways?)

Update.  Mommy got the camera to work.  Here are pictures from yesterday.  (If you care.)  No one left a comment on the blog or emailed her.  Oh well, it means a lot to her.  She'll stop feeling sorry for herself now.


You got a new purse Mommy!  Yes, Oliver
Mommy's purse was breaking, just like her
favorite pair of shoes broke last week.

By 2:00, Oliver was ready to get out of the house.
He was feeling better.  We went and looked around
at Home Depot.  Mommy's application for grass
removal in our backyard was approved.  We 
can put native plants in the back, but need to do
it by the end of November.  Sigh.

We'll get it done.

All by ourselves.  Just like we always do.

Oliver was so excited to eat.
He hadn't been able to eat food for 3 days.

He also wanted to look at something at Sports
Authority.  He has so many dreams and ideas.

He wanted to play.  

Mommy only let him for a little bit.  He was
screaming a lot.  Mommy didn't want his
throat to get inflamed.

He played with sweet cousins Ellie and Jak at night.
Ellie told him he has a high arch.  She is a foot expert.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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