Monday, October 5, 2015


Oliver's day was full of nice people.  He is back at school and had a really good day!  He got to attend the 20/20 club that he thought he missed on Friday.  It was to celebrate his reading he has done over the month at home.  He has worked hard with Mommy and Daddy's girlfriend, Jill.  We make sure his calendar is filled out so Oliver gets credit.  Oliver is getting a lot of good reading practice!  (Finally.)

Oliver was happy about his Social Studies
test score.  He is becoming quite a scholar!

We ate dinner and worked on homework after
he had an appointment.

Both of us worked on homework!

We went by to visit Eileen and her kids for a
popcorn delivery.

James only lets girls in this box if they can do 
armpit farts.  Nice.

Oliver got to hang out with his sweet cousin...

Oliver is a really good cousin.  

Goodnight and sweet dreams.  

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