Sunday, October 18, 2015


Today was a day full of commitment for us.

First, Mommy was committed to her early morning long 
run and Bodypump session, while Oliver was committed
to his cartoon time with Grammie.
Then we were committed to selling this!  It has
completely dwindled.  Oliver sold $300 worth
in Grammie and Grandpa's neighborhood yesterday
and today.  Yay! His popcorn sales took

Oliver was committed to playing like a wild man
with the neighbor kid club.

Mommy was committed to working on her paper.  Its
tough when there is another paper you may rather
be working in. (Edit 10/19- Mommy has no idea
why she wrote that last sentence.  Its not true.
She has been really tired.)

We were committed to watering our garden.

Committed to getting our yard completed before the
No Turf Application deadline.

Also, we were committed to getting a whole bunch if stuff
at Home Depot before a coupon expired.  Committed 
to getting everything for our new landscape ideas.

Counting out rocks for a path.

"Mom, you're crazy!"  
Yes, crazy committed.  

Committed to getting that pumpkin patch

(Now, Mommy is committed to getting sleep.)
Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school on Monday.  Mommy will see him on Friday for another together weekend, full of cub scout camping and Shane's first birthday party!  

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