Saturday, October 17, 2015

Good Day

Oliver had a good day!

Morning Creating:

Making a bow and arrow.  Listening to the
neighbors outside clean up their TP from
getting TP'd the night before.

Den 7 Hike at Lake Hodges:

Fish head.

Face on a rock.  Photography courtesy of Phira,

End to our a hike.  A police helicopter in the parking lot!

Tired, happy hikers!

The police officer let the scouts go in the back of 
his car!  He said something was going on, on the
other side of the lake.

HERE is a link to what was going on, on the 
other side of the lake.  Sigh.

Photography courtesy of Phira.

Phira.  Mommy taught her how to take pictures with
her camera.  She told her when you see something
interesting, just ask for the camera and go take
a picture.  She did and came up with two
really neat pictures!

Tired, weird looking hikers.

Back to bow and arrow making.  Mommy was
back to homework.

Oliver met his goal this afternoon!  He is going to
sell a little more in the morning so that he doesn't
have to turn in a big box of popcorn!


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