Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Throwing Baseballs

Oliver learned about throwing baseballs today.  First we learned, or actually already knew, that Shane can throw most sports balls pretty well for a two year old.  SIGN HIM UP FOR LIL' ROOKIES at the YMCA!!!  
Oliver really learned how to throw a baseball today at the Stagecoach Park baseball fields.  The groundskeeper watched us playing catch and came to the rescue.  Mommy isn't too good at it....Oliver is learning.  Oliver is much stronger and accurate now after his instruction.  The man's name is Coach Joe and he coaches everywhere.  He coached his son's Little League team in 2005 to the Little League World Series. His son set a world record...read about it here.  Coach Joe challenged Oliver today.  10 good throws to "mom" and he would give Oliver 2 movie passes.  It took about 20 throws, but Oliver got it!

He left the ball fields with some new baseball skills and a load of confidence!  

Coach Joe + two kids helped Oliver.
One of the kids plays for Stanford's baseball team, the other
plays on a local high school team!  

Oliver flew his drone afterwards.

Nice.  Coach Joe said Oliver must take his "mom"
to the movies.  Sweet.

Using his new rebounder net.

More drone flying and getting stuck.

While Mommy soaked up the daylight in
the garden just like this sunflower.

Baseball and drone flying made for a
pretty good day for Oliver!  

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