Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!


Yay!  Santa didn't put it together.
We're figuring that out tonight.

Mommy is really glad that Oliver's
teacher had his students make ornaments
as a gift.

They are pretty amazing!

Snowmen fingers!

Perfect on our tree!


Santa brought his annual snowglobe for
our front window!

Mommy got this in her stocking.  If she
puts it under her pillow she won't
worry anymore.  About anything.
That sounds really nice.

Oliver got an EARaser!

It's supposed to be Van Gogh's ear.

Good morning.

Snow in the mountains!

Uncle Matthew's Subaru is so cool!

Uncle Kelly.  Uncle Chad must have taken this picture.

Sisters make Mommy happy....

Grammie is so pretty, even with her 
curler clip in her hair.

Uncle Chad.  In his not so good mood.

Mommy's fancy present from Grammie.

Everyone loved their presents from Claire!
She picks them out at her preschool!

Yeah, Aunt Ali was a little off on the 
spelling of Shane's name.  "Sean."

Marshmallows and lululemon = SMILES!

Knives for Mommy = A coin for Aunt Jess
so our relationship isn't severed.  Look it up.


Uncle Matthew helping the princess get dressed.

Nails getting painted!

Uncle Matthew was a good sport.

Merry Christmas!

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