Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sea World without Oliver

Mommy had a wonderful day at Sea World with just Claire today!  We are trying to make the most of our free annual passes--hopefully we can get them again next year! 

Mommy took a million cute pictures today and is posting them here because she loves sweet Claire.

She loves this munchkin too who was
helping Mommy get the car seat in the car.

He thought he got to go and was trying 
to kick Claire away from his seat.
Sorry, Shane, GIRLS ONLY today!

Our Adventure:

If you can zoom in.....look at her face!!

She bought this necklace and decided to give
the "friends" part to Rachel!

We were a little intimidated.  Claire
made Mommy go up to meet the Yeti 
with her.

She didn't need any help with Rudolph.

The Pet Show was great!  We've never
seen it before!

Play.  A lot.

Mommy wanted this for a souvenir.  She
already has too many stuffed animals though.

Merry Almost Christmas!

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