Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Oliver had a good day at home!  Cooper came over around 11:00 for daycare!  We had fun playing with him in the backyard and a little bit in the playroom.  We had a nice evening together.

Most of the toddlers loved Cooper!

Cooper enjoyed being in our backyard!
During nap time he came to the windows
and whined a little, wondering where
everyone went!

Puppy love is the best!

At the end of the day we were in a rush to get to a tire appointment, when
our neighbor, Sergio came over to help Mommy with a leaking sink and 
a broken microwave!  So much broken stuff at once!
(He thinks the sink is probably just a broken hose and the microwave
might not be getting enough power from the outlet its connected too.)

Sergio also talked to Oliver about the brown widows
he keeps capturing.  Oliver found two today.
Sergio told Oliver he wouldn't be able to 
have his frijoles or tortillas anymore if he got
bit by one of these.  He makes Mommy laugh!

We stopped laughing when we got to the tire shop.

But we felt better once we left our car 
and started walking to the Farmer's Market
on Grand!  

We like walking in downtown!

And eating quesadillas!

And visiting the reptile store!

Mommy likes these signs on shops on Grand.

This is a neat store!

This counted cross-stitch was in the window.
Its sweet!  Mommy wants to stitch another bird
for her bedroom soon!

Back to the tire store and the free water!

(And other free stuff.)

Good night!

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