Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Adventurous Tuesday

We tried to be adventurous this morning with some errands we were taking.  Taking Shane with us was an adventure in itself!

He told me that my car was his dad's car.
Giggles, not anymore.

Choosing an animal at Michaels! 

He figured out how to get a ball out on
his own.  Smarty!

He was very proud of himself when he
got it all the way out.  He did it a couple of times.

He helped Mommy at Sprouts.  Mommy
said, "No." to the gummy bears.  

He helped Mommy grind coffee.

He was excited to go back to Grammie's and
ring the door bell.  He is SOOOO CUTE!

We stopped by Oliver's Daddy's house and got his gii for
JJ.  He also got to check out his new spear gun for 
his trip to Mexico next week with his Daddy.



Oliver was proud of his spear gun and wanted
to share it with Eric after the meeting.  

We had a nice adventurous mellow kind of day. 

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